Yoga for Grief

Yoga for a Grieving Heart

  • Tap into the body-mind connection and use poses to transfer your inner health and mood.
  • Use breathing techniques to harness energy, calm and control private emotions.
  • Cultivate the "Zen Mind" with affirmations and a positive mindset.
  • Understand grief and gain new respect
    and reverence for all living things.
A GRIEF RELIEF eBook from author Lorna Bell
Availble for immediate download for only $5.95

Happy Ending Productions announces its latest book:
Yoga for a Grieving Heart

Inspired by the healing benefits of Yoga experienced in her own life, Gentle Yoga co-author Lorna Bell has combined her passion for Yoga practice with a hospice-oriented understanding of grief. With her skills in adapting poses to mobility-challenged students, this hospice nurse simplifies yoga's application to everyday people. Finally, a HERE AND NOW mood elevator for those suffering from all kinds of loss.

This book will introduce you to:
YOGA PHILOSOPHY: A respect and reverence for all living things, compatible with any religion.

A GRIEVING HEART: Understanding the differences between normal grief, complicated grief and pathological grief; Depression, how it differs from grief, when to seek professional help; Understand grieving as:

  • Accepting the reality of the loss
  • Experiencing the pain of the loss
  • Adjusting to an environment without the person in their lives

THE BODY MIND CONNECTION: How the poses translate to inner health & mood.

THE BREATH AS A BRIDGE: How to use a few simple breathing techniques to harness energy, cleanse, calm and control a public display of private emotions.

THE POSES: Grief resides in certain areas of the body. It causes us to sob, become restless, apathetic, and experience changes in sleep, mood, appetite, posture, and mental focus. By using the poses that open the throat and heart areas, we are able to "unstick" these clogged nerve centers and begin healing. Students of all ages, real people, demonstrate the poses with varying degrees of difficulty, which can be adapted to even the most sedentary person.

MEDITATIVE HEALING: Cultivating the Zen Mind, with affirmations and a positive mindset will nurture a "Gratitude Attitude." Quotations from the great philosophers create insights into this human condition of sorrow, setting the mood for thought-provoking personal growth.

How Yoga Helps Grief:

  • The body is an outer manifestation of the mind.
  • Grief resides especially in the eyes, throat, chest & spine.
  • The poses require a concentrated mental "body-mind" effort.
  • This connectedness allows the poses to "unstick" the areas affected most by sadness.
  • As yoga poses stretch and tone the body our mood opens to healing thoughts and a new energy. We are flooded with our own natural chemicals. This leads to an improved mindset and sense of well being.

NORMAL GRIEF is the emotional feeling related to a loss:

  • Anger
  • Loneliness
  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Regret

Mourning, the process of resolving the loss, varies with each individual. More serious forms of grieving occur when intense reactions last longer than 6 months, and preoccupation with the loss disrupts daily routines.

PATHOLOGICAL GRIEF is characterized by phobias, disregard for health and grooming, excessive drinking, smoking or drugs, or suicidal thinking. People demonstrating these traits need professional support. This serious responses to loss may effect as many as 20% of all bereaved people.

A GRIEF RELIEF eBook from author Lorna Bell
Availble for immediate download for only $5.95

About the Author

Lorna Bell
Lorna Bell,
RN, Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse

Galvanized by an unshakable sadness after her sister's death, hospice nurse Lorna Bell combined the poses from a study validating Yoga's benefits for depression to those mourning a significant loss.

As a hospice provider, Lorna has witnessed many family members struggle with the typically long period of mourning the bereaved experience. Yoga can offer them respite, natural mood elevation, tools such as yoga breathing to gain emotional control, and renewed strength and flexibility, to begin the process of healing.

"I wrote Yoga for Grief to help people of all body types and fitness levels.  You don't have to be an athlete or have any experience with Yoga.  Yoga for Grief will show you how to elevate your body and your spirit through the greiving process."

Lorna lives near Dallas with her husband, Ron. They enjoy ballroom dancing, gardening, canoeing, kayaking, and visiting their four children and eight grandchildren.

Lorna also wrote:
GENTLE YOGA with Eudora Seyfer 1982-2000
HAPPY ENDINGS, Uplifting End of Life Stories, 2000; 2nd ed.2005
ENRICHING THE DYING EXPERIENCE, A Resource Guide to Prepare for Your Life's Finale, 2009

What People Are Saying About Yoga for a Grieving Heart

Pat Hall, Dallas, TX:
"I have found that yoga keeps me focused when grief brings me random chaotic thoughts.  Lessons such as tolerance with myself when I stumble or lose balance, challenging myself, being a little more "flexible", also apply to life.  I shed tears in corpse pose, but when I roll up my mat and leave class, I am filled with gratitude, strength & renewal."

Mrs. Shirley Wynn, mother:
"If only this book had been available when our beautiful son, Tod, was dying, I might have avoided my throat surgery and heart health issues."

Joanne Pryor Carter, Ed.D., LPC:
"This book is a "must read" for bereavement professionals, volunteer co-ordinators, counselors, chaplains, social workers, nurses and volunteers.

Carolyn E., Euless, TX
"After yoga I always feel better!  The poses, the positive affirmations, and especially the breathing techniques are "feel good" tools that I take with me outside of class."